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Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.  Matthew 6:33

 A merry heart does good like a medicine

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Chuck Woolery, Georgia Durant, and Victor Chartrand in Bevery Hills at a Safe Passage event.

Pastor Gemma Winger, Pastor Bob Reith, Ambassador of Prayer April Shenandoah, Missionary/Songstress Martha Reyes, Famed Stuntman Bob Yerkes, and Minister/Author Jeanne DeFazio on the set of Beauty for Ashes in Los Angeles, CA - July 2014 

Dedicated to Victor Chartrand
August 13, 1929 - July 5, 2014


My child I know your sorrows,
Your every grief I share;
I know how you are tested,
And, what is more - I care.


Think not that I am indifferent
To what affecteth thee;
Your weal and woe are matters
Of deep concern to Me.


But, child, I have a purpose
In all that I allow;
I ask you then to trust Me,
Though all seems dark just now.


How often you have asked me
To purge away the dross!
But this refining process
Involves for you - a cross.


There is no other pathway
If you would'st really be
Conformed unto the image
Of Him Who died for thee.


You can'st not be like Jesus
Till self is crucified;
And as a daily process
The cross must be applied.


Just as the skillful gard'ner
Applies the pruning knife,
E'en so, I too would sever.
The worthless from your life.


I have but one sole object -
That you should'st fruitful be!
And is it not your longing
That I much fruit should see?


Then shrink not from the training
I needs must give to you;
I know just how to make you
What I would have you be.


Remember that I love you!
Think not I am unkind,
When trials come to prove you,
And joy seems left behind.


'Tis but a little longer
Until I come again;
What now seems so mysterious
Will all be then made plain.


Take courage then; and fear not!
Press forward to the prize,
A crown of life awaits thee,
Glory before thee lies!


     -  Alice C. Lefroy

Dr. Vtctor Chartrand

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