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April Shenandoah has gone from Show Business to God's Business, and when the passion strikes - political activist. In 1988, she developed an appetite for politics when she served as the Los Angeles press contact for Pat Robertson's presidential campaign. A few years later, she combined politics and religion on her cable TV show The Bottom Line.  Her first book So...Help Me God also delved into politics and religion - she says they are the two things we must talk about!


SINCE 2000, April's column Politics & Religion appeared in the Tolucan Times. After more than 10 years of writng about controversial political issues, she is now concentrating on more uplifting subject matter.


April had a lesson in faith that changed her direction, and is now helping others to find ther Godly purpose in life. As Ambassador of Prayer, she knows that "Whatever the question - prayer is the answer."  Her coaching on having a Healthy Body, Happy Soul, and a Holy Spirit sets the captives free. She also teaches on the "power of words", as laid out in Your Tongue Determines Your Destiny.

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April Shenandoah has just released her latest book, "Your Tongue Determines Your Destiny" (Harrison House Publishers). In "Your Tongue Determines Your Destiny," April teaches how we as believers are not practicing one of the most basic Biblical principles - ask, believe, and receive. You will learn that your life mirrors what you speak, producing fruit, be it rotten or sweet. Positive thoughts lead to positive speech and vice versa when it comes to negative thoughts.


April is a former actress, political activist and television host. She was appointed the Los Angeles press contact for Pat Robertson's 1988 presidential campaign. This new political appetite led to her long-running weekly column, "Politics and Religion," and her own TV cable show, "The Bottom Line." 


We are so honored to be able to catch up with April for this Hallels' exclusive interview.


Hallels:  Congratulations on the release of your new book "Your Tongue Determines Your Destiny," for our readers who may not be familiar with you, can you tell us a little about yourself.


After seeing the movie "Singing in the Rain" as a young girl I became obsessed with Hollywood. After graduating from high school I headed to California to pursue my career.  I soon met Dale Evans who took me under her wing and tried to lead me to God, however, at the time "There's No Business Like Show Business" was my mantra (she later saw me saved).  After many years of kicking around in the entertainment field God got a hold of me and turned me towards writing, mostly about politics and religion. Eventually God called me to an Ambassador of Prayer Ministry. My first book So...Help Me God took me to the White House three times, and my new book Your Tongue Determines Your Destiny is opening more doors to conduct God's business. I've encountered many incredible supernatural experiences during my walk with the Lord.  Some I hesitate to share because they seem unbelievable to the natural mind.


Hallels:  How did you become interested in writing on this subject of our tongues determining our destinies?


I started writing on the subject of out tongues determining our destinies when I started noticing that I always ran into people after saying that I would like to meet a certain person. I would suddenly run into them at the post-office, credit-union, pumping gas, etc. Then I read


The Tongue a Creative Force by Charles Capps and I knew how this "tongue" thing worked, and that it was a law of the universe that God set in motion when He spoke the moon and stars into place. Life and death are truly in the Power of the Tongue, as the Bible says.  After getting a greater understanding of this concept, I developed a passion to tell others.  One of my goals is to help people stop talking negative and to help them simply speak what they want, instead of what their problems are. "The words that we speak today will be the life we live tomorrow."



Hallels:  You gave a number of illustrations of how the principle of "what you say is what you get" work in own life.  Can you briefly give us an example here?


There are so many examples of "what you say is what you get" in my life, however, the one that always stands out is when I started thanking God for a van that I wanted for my ministry.  Every time I would see one on the highway like the one I wanted - A white high-top with a bed and TV, I would say, "That's the one I want God, right there, thank you for it Daddy."  I never tried to figure out how I could get it, I just thanked God for it in advance.  In a few months, I miraculously received that exact van that I was thanking Him for. The story of how I got it is a miracle in itself.  I must also tell you that I got out of my death-bed by speaking God's WORD - repeating the healing scriptures until I not only believed that Jesus took my infirmities on the cross, but I knew that "by His stripes I was healed" on Calvary. Some days I would scream "I will not die, I will live and proclaim the works of the Lord." "No weapon formed against me will prosper."  Hallelujah!



Hallels:  You also talk about the Supernatural Plan in your book, what do you mean by that?


Chapter 10 is the Supernatural Plan and it is an assignment for the reader after reading the entire book.  It shows a person how to focus on their priorities and what to do to start receiving God's way. The first rule is to know what you want and not be wishy-washy.  Very important to the plan is making sure your goals are not to the detriment of anyone - and that the manifestations of your desires be glorifying to God.


Hallels:  Practically, how do you think this book will be able to help us in our Christian walk?  And what do you think is the take home message of this book?


The take home message of the book is about growing our faith - learning to trust God for every detail of out lives.  He heals, He provides, and He gives wisdom and comfort. Your Tongue Determines Your Destiny will help the reader to understand the things that hold them back in life - and how to renew their minds and hearts to what God has given all of us in His instruction manual (Bible), so that they/we may accomplish the purpose that they/we were put on this earth to fulfill.

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