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Writing began with me at a very young age – starting with writing a column for the Jersey Shore Herald titled “In Tune with Teens.” Some 25 years later, after a journey through Show Business, I was inspired to pen So…Help Me God (An Inspired letter/book addressed to President Clinton). To my surprise it has become a collectors edition. As the press contact for the Robertson Presidential campaign in 1988, I was suddenly a political activist writing articles for political sites as well as my column “Politics & Religion” for the Tolucan Times. Commuting to Washington D.C. with a stealth ministry, I quickly learned my attempt to save the world through politics was futile. God had other plans for me. My latest book Your Tongue Determines Your Destiny has been a humbling experience with the endorsement of Charles Capps - his books changed my life.  Charles Capps, Smith Wigglesworth, my Grandmother, and the Holy Bible, have helped form my unwavering faith. 

So...Help Me God!
So...Help Me God!

Same book without dust cover




Your Tongue Determines Your Destiny


128 Pages

Author April Shenandoah takes you through real life experiences as she learned about the power of the spoken word. She teaches how we as believers are not practicing one of the most basic Biblical principles - ask, believe, and receive. She teaches that we are to say what we want and expect it. The trick is to know what we want and not be wishy-washy. April teaches that ignorance, rebellion, and lack of God's knowledge will hold us back from receiving and progressing in life. You will learn that your life mirrors what you speak - producing fruit after its own kind - be it rotten or sweet. Positive thoughts lead to positive speech and vice-versa when it comes to negitive thoughts. Learn how you can reverse your situation by changing your speech habits today.

So...Help Me God!


185 Pages​


Politics and Religion: It is an inspired letter to President Clinton. It shares the authors travels in Arkansas with his friends and relatives, it speaks about our American heritage and it is also a reference book that includes The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence plus documents, songs, letters, etc. It addresses issues that most politicians and members of the media avoid, making this book an eyeopener to the reader concerning what is going on in Washington, D.C. with the "powers that be". The irony of this, is that Shenandoah is a resident of the conservative camp. Controversial, to say the least!


For the last several years April Shenandoah has researched and gathered material pertinent to the "changing times" we live in. By invitation, on February 4, 2000, Shenandoah delivered the first copy to President Clinton at the White House.  It was then sponsored and delivered to the entire Senate and Congress, to the Govenors and members of the Supreme Court. This first-run, hardcover of So...Help Me God! is considered a "Collectors Edition" - hand numbered and signed.

Redeeming the Screens


222 Pages


How does the future look to us? Well, clearly we realize we now live in a world of screens, from the microcosmic universe of to smartphone... to the imposing vigil of the multiplex giants, looming over us in Imax and 3-D-more "real" than real-and to all the screens in between, from computers to iPads, to muted, high definition flat-screens pouring out images in homes, restaurants, banks, businesses, schools, doctors' offices, and hospitals, and on and on everywhere we turn. We cannot change this reality, so what these Christians, and so many like them are doing is trying to find ways to redeem what we put on these screens: what message we are sending out in word and image to the watching world. So, clearly, our task, whether we have been called to create or not, is to join these artists as "screen redeemers" assisting the Holy Spirit in reconciling the world to God (2 Cor 5:18-19) through helping the pervasively influential means of the media adjust its goals to the mission of Jesus Christ.

Women Crowned In Glory


236 Pages


April is one of 12 women chosen to write her life-story/testimony in Women Crowned in Glory compiled by Trish Steele, Founder and CEO of Safe Passage. These life changing stories are for men and women - a great book for people who need hope.

Creative Ways to Build Christian  Community (by Jeanne C. DeFazio)


114 Pages


Creative Ways to Build Christian Community is exactly what its title says it is: a very personal, practical response to the present and future prospect of isolation, a treasure trove of examples and suggestions about how to accomplish the Great Commission from community builders telling how, over the years and the ministries, they have implemented creative ways to build up churches and organizations to develop more intensive Christian fellowship and, thereby, create community. -Dr. William David Spencer

                                  [April Shenandoah comments - page 9]

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