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Foreword by Charles Capps


Your Tongue Determines Your Destiny.....TheWords You Speak Today Will Be the Life You Live Tomorrow


Author April Shenandoah takes you through real life experiences as she learned about the power of the spoken word. She teaches how we as believers are not practicing one of the most basic Biblical principles - ask, believe, and receive.  She teaches that we are to say what we want and expect it.


You will learn how ignorance, rebellion, and lack of God's knowledge will hold you back from receiving and progressing in life. You will learn that your life mirrors what you speak - producing fruit after its own kind - be it rotten or sweet.


Shenandoah shares her death-bed experience and how God's promises brought her through it. Boldly we say to you that this book can change your life. You will learn how to walk in the POWER and AUTHORITY that Jesus tell us we have.  Get excited! The WORDS in this book will reveal how to move mountains and produce your hearts desires - by the very WORDS that roll off of your tongue!

What you say is what you eventually get - good, bad or indifferent. So as she would say,

                        "Kwit Chur Bely Akin"

As the Apostle Paul said, the Word is near you, in your mouth and then in your heart. Whose words are you using to map your future? April's book presents valuable information that is based on the authority of God's Word. It is also full of good news (Gospel) that is capable of changing your life forever. April presents the power of God's Word and how to use it to overcome the problems you face in life. She is a great communicator annd says it in a way that is so easy to understand, you would have to have someone to help you misunderstand it. 

                      SREAD IT, DO IT AND BE BLESSED!

Charles Capps

Charles Capps Ministries, Inc.

England, Arkansas


April Shenandoah has proceeded to use her unique literary gift to address this issue, not mimicking the works of others, quoting cliches and playing it safe, but continuing where others leave off. I am sure you will blessed and spiritually empowered when you finish her presentation that further pursues a matter that is exceeded only in importance by one's personal salvation. When you are finished, remember, I told you so.

Bishop Samuel L. Smith

General Chairman, Apostolic World Christian Fellowship

Evansville, Indiana


I have found April Shenandoah's latest book to be a fascinating, spiritual, helpful read. It will receive a prominent place in my library, as I intend to read it again and again. It's a reminder of how vital our words are in creating our personal world. Believe me; April has done God's work with Your Tongue Determines Your Destiny. This book should be in every home.

Gavin MacLeod


Rancho Mirage, California


April has reminded us that we are all diseased in one way or another, in our thinking, our emotions, or our bodies. But, God has provided healing for it all. What we think and feel leads to what we say, and what we say is what we get.

Tom D'Muhala

Nuclear Scientist: Former President of the Shroud of

Turin Research Project (USA & Italy)

Raleigh, North Carolina


April Shenandoah tells a simple truth we can all agree upon: When you think positive thoughts, speak positive words, and enact positive deeds, you will naturally manifest positivity in your life!

Sara O'Meara

Co-founder of Child Help USA,

Founder of the Little Chapel

Scottsdale, Arizona



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