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Natural “Cures” They Don’t Want You to Know About

(Part 1 of a 3 Part Series)

By April Shenandoah


Half of the modern drugs should be thrown out the window,

except that the birds might eat them.

Dr. Martin Henry Fischer


When I was 20 years old I read the book, “How to Stay Young and Vital” by actor Bob Cummings.  I took what he wrote to heart, and decided I was going to live healthy as long as I was on this planet. That was long before “health food” and Pilates were in fashion. It was also before pharmaceutical drugs were advertised on every other TV commercial. Chemicals (artificial sweeteners, preservatives), manufactured hormones (animals shot up with growth hormones, reengineered fruits and vegetables), and drugs of any kind, are foreign matter not meant for human consumption. The body does not know what to do with it, therefore, it lodges in the cell walls and organs -- it does not pass through. Bodies become toxic… toxic bodies become ill. “What we put in our bodies is a matter of life and death.”


Most people do not even think to question their doctors when they prescribe 45 different pills, or tell us that we need a yearly flu shot (which actually can make you sick). Early on I learned that medicine only masks a symptom it does not cure it!  The Handbook for Living (The Bible) tells us that herbs are for the healing of the body. I’m not saying doctors do not have a place in society, they are performing miraculous surgeries with very high-tech methods these days. The problem is the pushing of drugs by international pharmaceutical cartels controlled by governments and rich and powerful corporations. Greed for money is the bottom-line --not the health of a nations people.


There are ads suggesting medication for ailments you didn’t even know you had. Medicine cabinet junkies seek after the latest designer drug even after the announcer reads off the possible side-affects – such as diarrhea, nausea, blurred vision, stomach cramps, and fainting spells. Hey, where do I sign up for that?  Eat correctly and get your blood circulating and you can cure most anything. For those debilitating diseases caused by emotional stress and unforgiveness -- you will have to work on your “issues.”


I highly recommend: Natural “Cures” They Don’t Want You to Know About” by Kevin Trudeau. This New York Times Bestseller that sold more than five million copies in a little over a year is one of the most informative books published on this subject. Unfortunately, The United States Federal Trade Commission has tried to discredit Trudeau, and his information, with vicious attacks.


In Trudeau’s new book MORE Natural “Cures” REVEALED, he wrote”…pharmaceutical drug companies are virtually all publicly traded corporations.  They have one goal… to sell more drugs and their expensive treatments. I watched government agencies around the world routinely attack and persecute individual citizens and companies for doing nothing more than exposing people to truthful information about natural inexpensive ways to treat, prevent, and cure disease.” He continues, “Remember, I have met secretly with the heads of many of these agencies around the world in my role as a covert operative. I know how the bribes, payoffs, and illegal coercion work between politicians, government regulators, and corporations. I and the hundreds of authors, consumer advocates, scientists, researchers, and alternative healthcare practitioners are a major threat to the profits of the medical cartel, food industry, and oil industry that are being exploited from the unknowing citizenry around the globe.” In other words – they want us sick so they can profit.


Recently I met with Barbara Charis (Charis Holistic Center in North Hollywood) who takes the issue of health to a new level. She has studied food and the affects it has on the body for many years. Through experience, and listening to her Creator, she helps others obtain optimum health for the mind, and freedom for the spirit. Her book, “Sharing from the Heart (A 33-Year Search for the Truth) is a fascinating journey, Charis says,” No more sickness… health, happiness and love can be yours now!”  She confirmed something I had been thinking – if you can’t eat it do not put it on your skin (Creams or lotions applied to the skin enter the blood stream in 30-60 seconds). Charis ran the LA Marathon three times and plans on running it again in 2009, when she turns 75.  Her passion is getting the “truth” out. Her heart is doing personalized consultations with folks who sincerely yearn for health and vitality.



Other recommended reading: Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy by Dirk Benedict (A must read if you can find it), Books by Dr. Lorraine Day (A cancer survivor) and Dr. Norman Walker (He wrote his last book at 105)


April Shenandoah/Ambassador of Prayer is an author, columnist, and political activist.



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